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Dear lnstant Evaluate,

I want to let you know how valuable the lnstant Evaluate service has been to the South Texas Region. Stylists, managers, owners and myself now have an easy way to always know what our customers are thinking. Customers tell us what they like and dislike, and we can respond accordingly.


I feel that our customers appreciate the direct communication line to management. It allows them to compliment, complain or make suggestions in a format that is easy to use and that they are comfortable with. Once we respond to their comments, our customers know that we care about what they think. Our region is now more able to resolve service opportunities before potentially losing a valued customer.


In addition to helping with our customers, lnstant Evaluate is also a valuable management tool for dealing with our stylists. Because the overwhelming majority of surveys are very complimentary, we have an excellent tool to let the stylists know how much our customers appreciate them. They have become more motivated to deliver quality service because they know customers will be continuously providing feedback.


The Fantastic Sams South Texas Region is impressed with the results we have received from lnstant Evaluate. The actual customer data is easy to evaluate, and the ability to manipulate the data provides us with a management tool like no other we have.


Please feel free to provide my contact information to other Fantastic Sams salon owners that are considering implementing your service.






Richard Bielecki

President, FS South Texas

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