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Think About This:

Instant Evaluate makes it cost-effective for smaller businesses to use powerful feature sets previously only affordable for much larger operations.

Instant Evaluate makes it cost-effective for smaller businesses to use powerful feature sets previously only affordable for much larger operations.

Think About This:

small business designed feature sets

Think About This:

Customers appreciate the easy

communication line. Once

employees know there is an always-on communication line, they will

deliver better service.

Improved employee service

For restaurants

Customers have Two important ways to provide feedback

1) Fast-Feedback (always-on):

The first method is mobile optimized and designed for quick and easy communication with only one question and a place to leave comments.


  • Transaction receipt, store signage, social media, QR Code, email invite and more advertise this service.


  • Customers who just had a bad experience and immediately want to tell management often use this method.


  • Simply ask one question, “Based upon this transaction would you recommend us to a friend?” along with an option to leave any comments they might have.


2) Survey email invites:

The second method is for more standardized surveying and is sent via email to all, or targeted groups of customers.

This is ideal for tracking promoter scores and service trends by districts, locations, or any level of hierarchy.

Features of our Customer Management System

• Custom Customer Feedback service with choice of colors, logo and domain name


• Easy way for customers to provide feedback (web, mobile, social, email invites, and QR-code)


• Real-time email notification of unhappy customers

(Don’t let a good complaint go to waste)


• Real-time email and online reports


• Comments email report provides a weekly concise summary of all customer comments


• Ranking reports for employees, locations, districts, etc. (opt-in required for ranking with other similar businesses)


• Standard Promoter Score question with identifiers to track reasons for low scores


• Will accommodate transaction numbers and/or employee numbers


• Manages multiple levels of hierarchy

  • When employees know there is an always open communication line for customers, they deliver better service


  • Customers appreciate the easy communication line


  • Holds employees, districts and regions accountable


  • Concisely identifies strength and weakness


  • Converts unhappy customers to promoters with a real-time incident management module


  • Compare your business with other similar businesses (requires opt-in)


  • Easy to use and implement


  • Inexpensive

Benefits of an Automated feedback Solution

QR Code Signage Builder

Instant Evaluate makes it easy to generate and print QR Code signage directly from the client interface. QR codes allow for the fastest type of customer feedback and this method is gaining in popularity.

QR Code Generator | Instant
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